I'm an artist and a teacher, a writer and a mom. I love having space and being outside. I am drawn to the natural world and the written word.

Lines, shapes, forms. Words have always interested me. Patterns - and randomness - have always intrigued me. As a child, I would search them out. And subtlety has always captivated me. 

Most of my artwork comes from a place of gratitude. I am so blessed to be alive. I am grateful for each opportunity I have in the studio - even if it's not successful. My artwork reminds me that life's moments are fleeting, our world is ever-changing, and that I need to be awake and alive and paying attention... which is not always as easy as it sounds!

I firmly believe that being grateful is the key to being joyful.

Thank you for joining me on this journey. I would love for one of my creations to inspire someone else.  Please reach out for information regarding commissions. I would love to paint something special and personally meaningful to you!

Painting Brushes